Do I need to hire a Studio Teacher if…

My shoot is on a non-school day?
I can’t afford one?
The minor will only be used for a short time?
The minor will only be used after school on a school day?
The parent/guardian is a homeschool teacher?
The parent will be with the minor?

Yes, to all of the above. A parent or guardian must be on set at all times with a minor, in addition to a Studio Teacher. The laws apply to minors working a few hours, all day, and every day of the year.

§ 11755.2. Use of Studio Teachers.

Can I hire my friend, who is a regular school teacher? How will I know if someone is a licensed Studio Teacher?

You must hire a CA certified Studio Teacher, with a valid “green card” from the DLSE if the job is in CA or if the minor is from CA working with a CA production. You should ask to see the teacher’s license and look up licensed Studio Teachers on our website or on the DLSE website.

§ 11755. Studio Teacher; Definition and Certification.

What should I do if there is no Studio Teacher when I arrive on set?

Ask the production where the Studio Teacher is and let them know you will wait until they secure a Studio Teacher before starting work at all. This will legally protect both you, your child, and the production. Text our Business Rep at 310-559-9797 for additional assistance.

§ 11755.2. Use of Studio Teachers.

Is a Studio Teacher required for wardrobe fittings, table reads, or publicity events?

Yes. On a school day, any amount of time spent in looping, make-up, hair, publicity, wardrobe, etc. must be covered by a Studio Teacher. On a weekend or school holiday, a minor may work up to one (1) hour without the presence of a studio teacher.

§11762. Minor’s General Supervision by Studio Teacher; Minor’s Accompaniment by Parent or Guardian Required for Certain Purposes Under Specified Conditions.

Can a parent or studio teacher give my permission to go past mandated work or lunch times for a working child?

It is against CA law for minors to work past their legal working hours. There is no overtime or “grace” period for minors. No one has the authority to extend the working hours of a minor.

What if my child’s call time is 2 p.m. or later, on a school day, and the production plans a 9.5 hour work schedule?

Children in 6th grade or below must be completed with school by 4 p.m., which means the latest the child could start work would be 1 p.m. (to complete 3 hours of school in time). Minors in 7th grade or above can school until 7 p.m., which means the latest they could start work would be 4 p.m.

California Education Code

If I home school, can I instruct my child while he/she is working on set?

No. A licensed Studio Teacher must oversee all instruction of your child while he/she is on set working.

Can a minor attend part of his/her regular school before their call time?

If a child attends his/her own regular school prior to reporting to his/her place of employment, the time spent in school will be considered six hours regardless of how long the child actually spends at his/her own regular school. This will permit the child to only be at the place of employment for 2-½, 3-½, or 4-½ hours, depending on the age of the child.

The director or producer would like to use his or her child as background in a scene. Does the minor still need a work permit if he or she is related to the director or producer?

Yes. An emergency 10-day permit is available online, for a fee, to any minor who has never previously been issued a work permit.

§11753. Procedure for Obtaining Entertainment Work Permit by Minor.

Can a minor who is 16 or over obtain a temporary 10-day permit?

No, the DLSE currently does not allow minors over the age of 16 to obtain a temporary 10-day permit. Please contact the DLSE for more information: 818-901-5484 or [email protected].

Is permission ever granted for productions to employ minors past 12:30am?

No. No variance or exception is ever granted to allow any minor working in CA (or any CA minor working for a CA production in any other state) to work past 12:30am. This is a hard-and-fast labor code (LC 1308.7 [a]). Extensions to go past 10pm on an evening preceding a minor’s school day (no later than 12:00am) may be granted in specific situations; for more information please contact our Business Representative or Betterment of Services Chairperson.